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Free Class: Mastering Sex In Your Marriage

Proven Practices For Becoming A Sexually Confident CoupleEven If You’re Busy, Tired or Disconnected From Your Partner


Seductive Training Programs For Couples

Strength of Seduction Offers Courses, Coaching & Books to Help Black Couples Look Hot, Have Better Sex and Stay in Love Forever.

SOS Levels 1-3 Bundle

Our original bestselling home workouts for couples. Build intimacy, burn stubborn body fat and improve your marriage in 20 minutes a day.

SOS Yoga Flow

Spend an intimate workout with your partner touching, teasing, and toning as you loosen up every muscle in your body. Great for beginners to intermediate!

SOS After Dark

After Dark is our most provocative program yet! This sizzling partner workout features exercises and stretches designed to stimulate your muscles and your sex drive.

Here’s What The Community Is Saying

Highly Recommended To All Couples!

Strength of Seduction is amazing!!! My husband and I tried it for the first time this weekend and it was so fun! 

– Christine B.

A Fun & Intimate Time!

Listen! If you’re hesitating, DON’T. This was an amazing workout and I highly recommend it. We love working out separately but this, this is a fun way to connect AND work out. Remember, give this a try for some fun intimate time.

– Nia W.

Quality Time Together

Being parents of two, we all know how limited time can be. We will definitely do it again and recommend it to other couples. After the workout you’ll be ready for another workout! 

– Catrice M.

Free Class: Mastering Sex In Your Marriage

Whether you’re in the early days of dating, celebrating decades together, or anywhere in between, understanding improving the intimacy in your relationship can transform your marriage.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this free class:

  • Syncing Desires: learn how to connect with your partner when you’re both in the mood.
  • Fitting Sex Into A Busy Life: learn how to make time for each other even when you’re busy with work and kids.
  • Feeling Turned On: learn new ways to feel more desired by your spouse and make them feel the same.
  • For The Ladies: How to develop unshakeable body confidence in all positions.
  • For The Gentlemen: How to initiate sex the *right* way and make her body crave you like never before.

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