SOS Bodyweight Blast

Bodyweight Blast is the ultimate fat-burning workout for partners. Even Coach Micah works up a sweat with this one! If you and your partner are ready for a huge challenge, this is the one for you! This program is designed to give you six 20-minute workouts per week.

Complete training covering the 6 key areas of fitness: power, strength, agility, balance, cardio core and endurance. Choose ONE area for each day, work out for six days straight and take the seventh day off. Repeat the next week. Full instructions for completing each exercise are given in the program.  

Power: Round 1

Power: Round 2

Strength: Round 1

Strength: Round 2

Agility: Round 1

Agility: Round 2

Agility: Round 3

Balance: Round 1

Balance: Round 1

Cardio Core: Round 1 

Cardio Core: Round 1

Endurance: Round 1 Set 1

Endurance: Round 1 Set 2

Endurance: Round 1 Set 3

Endurance: Round 2 Set 1

Endurance: Round 2 Set 2

Endurance: Round 2 Set 3