Watch The Couple's Masterclass – Strength Of Seduction

The Couple's Masterclass

Strength of Seduction is about more than just workouts. The Couple's Masterclass is an interactive deep dive into the 9 core values of successful relationships, as seen in the Strength of Seduction Book. Follow along with each lesson and complete the required exercises at the end.

Couple's Masterclass Introduction

Three Types of Intimacy

Value #1: Trust

Trust Exercises

Value #2: Integrity

Integrity Exercises

Value #3: Honesty

Honesty Exercises

Value #4: Open Communication

Open Communication Exercises

Value #5: Affection

Affection Exercises

Value #6: Empathy

Empathy Exercises

Value #7: Friendship

Friendship Exercises

Value #8: Humor

Humor Exercises

Value #9: Patience

Patience Exercises

Mission Complete