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Start watching this workout now and turn up the heat with your partner!

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  • Increase intimacy in your relationship ❤️
  • Lose weight and get your body in shape 💪🏽
  • Spend more quality time together 💯
  • Heat up your sex life 💋

Heat It Up!

Strength of Seduction™️ (S.O.S.) is the only fitness program in the world designed specifically for couples who want to improve their relationship, spend more time together and have better sex — all while getting in the best shape of their lives.

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"My husband and I enjoy our DVD so much!!! We work out on different schedules but on date night or weeks that he’s home this is always our go to. This is a great way to get close."

- Jessica Crigler
Oklahoma City, OK

How S.O.S. Works in 3 Easy Steps

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Spend just 15 minutes 1-2x/week doing the exercises with your partner

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Experience more intimacy, better sex and + get in amazing shape

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