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Your Strength of Seduction Unlimited Membership Gives You Instant Access To Dozens of Fun Fitness and Relationship Training Programs Designed For Couples.
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Strength of Seduction Level 1 is our beginner program. This is perfect for you and your partner if you are getting into exercising for the first time.
Each exercise is explained by Coach Micah, and alternations are shown for those with bad knees or size issues.

Ready to kick it up? Work with Coach Micah in Strength of Seduction Level 2.
Level 2 kicks up the pace and regime, and is a great touch point for people who already in shape.

Looking for a challenge? Strength of Seduction Level 3 is where it is at.
If you and your partner love working out and are ready to both grow gains and intimacy, head over to Level 3!

Need some alone time? Sexy n Solo is solo workout program that targets the full body. No man required.

Our naughtiest program every. Need an excuse to get close? This workout will lead to other "activities."

Stretch out with your partner either before or after exercising with yoga.

Our classic workouts that got us on the map. Kick it old school.

Need to gain in the glutes? This program is all about sculpting your lower half to get that 'boom.'

Stretch out from carrying a baby all day. Intimate stretches to loose up cramps and tight muscles.

Our latest high-intensity workout series. This is the ultimate bodyweight series to shred fat and gain muscle.

Just need to stretch out with a certain someone? Get close and personal with this smooth stretch program.

Who says you can't get in shape while pregnant? Working with your partner exercise and build muscle while pregnant!

Our couples meditation series allows you and your partner to manifest empathy, wealth and energy.

The Couples Masterclass is a deep dive into the Strength of Seduction Book. Need to cuddle up and relax? Put this on!

Exclusive to Unlimited is our members-only Facebook group. Meet and mingle with other like-minded couples.

And so much more....

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Get Strength of Seduction Unlimited Now:

Just $9.99/month. Cancel anytime.

Questions? Text or call +1 (928) 225-3879

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Just $9.99/month. Cancel anytime.

Questions? Text or call +1 (928) 225-3879

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Workout together now! 

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Just $9.99/month. Cancel anytime.

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