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The Couple's Transformation Challenge

Build A Strong Body, Healthy Relationship and Incredible Sex Life In Just 30 Days


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Transform Your Body, Life & Relationship in 30 Days 😍

The Couple’s Transformation Challenge is a 30-day total self-improvement and relationship improvement workshop designed to kick you in the ass and give you momentum in 3 key areas: your body, your relationship…and your sex life.

"SOS thus far, has encouraged myself and Shai to maintain our goal of making our physical health a lifestyle. It wasn’t until SOS that we realized that we could also build intimacy and togetherness through fitness. Despite many distractions, we realize that we have to make time for our commitment to SOS. Which in turn, benefits us holistically."

Melissa B.

"I think my life so far has benefited by making me dedicate time to physically do something (breaking up my daily current habits). My relationship has benefited so far because that dedicated time is being shared with my wife. It's easy to get caught up in our daily routine and at some point we begin to just go through the motions. This challenge is forcing us to not just go through the motions but to physically and mentally be present in each other's daily habits."

Gerald S.

"I am thankful that this program came along when it did. My wife and I had been struggling to build back good habits and communicate after some major life changes and as of today we really are seeing a difference in how we are connecting. It was awesome."

Catherine I. 

I’m grateful for something unexpected that’s happening in this process. My fiancé Myron Smith is 100% down to do this SOS Challenge. With life and our busy schedules we are making time to work out together daily and having fun in the process…his kids are even inspired!! The lessons on communication are an added bonus and are actually improving the communication with others outside of our relationship (specifically with the children’s mom). Overall we’re grateful for this opportunity to connect on a deeper level as a couple and with other like minded couples with a common goal of fitness, health and love.

Makeeta B.

Ready To Get Momentum In Your Life & Relationship? 😍

The Promise:

In just 30 days, you will...

Get Healthy & Strong Together

You will each lose 10-20 lbs of body fat and gain muscle. We'll provide easy-to-follow nutrition + workout guides that really work.

Enjoy More Loving Communication

With help from the Strength of Seduction app and book, you will learn to communicate more effectively and lovingly with your partner.

Heat Up Your Sex Life

Passionate sex is on the way! Learn how to increase the pleasure and intimacy in your relationship with trainings from guest experts.

Join The Couple's Transformation Challenge. Limited Seats Available:

How It Works:

Over 30 days, we'll give you all the tools you need, plus step-by-step guidance to transform your body and relationship.

Just join the challenge and follow along! 

Included in the Couple's Transformation Challenge: 

  • Fun, challenging weekly workouts
  • Easy-to-follow nutrition guides
  • Relationship communication trainings
  • Intimacy, pleasure and sexual health masterclasses
  • Live weekly accountability and coaching sessions with the SOS team

But that's not all. When you join the challenge, you'll also get: 

The New Strength of Seduction hardcover book! This is the modern couple's guide to building intimacy through fitness!

Our most sensual program ever. After Dark is the workout that will leave you wanting more.

Stretch out with your partner either before or after exercising with yoga.

Burn off some extra calories by yourself with Sexy N' Solo.

Our couples meditation series will help you and your partner to manifest empathy, wealth and energy.

The ultimate fat-burning couples workout. Power through Cardio, Strength, Endurance and more!

The Couple's Masterclass is an interactive deep dive into the 9 core values of successful relationships. 

Exclusive to Unlimited is our members-only Facebook group. Meet and mingle with other like-minded couples.

Join The Couple's Transformation Challenge. Limited Seats Available:


  •  Registration for Round 2 closes September 3rd. Round 2 begins September 6th.
  • Designed by couples for couples
  • Guided by SOS founders Daniel DiPiazza and Micah Morgan
  • A $500 Grand Prize will we awarded to the couple with the biggest transformation
  • You will receive a hardcover Strength of Seduction book, access to multiple programs, including After Dark, The Couple's Masterclass, Yoga Flow, Couples Mediations and to the members-only Facebook Group.

Get The Couple's Transformation Challenge for $97.00

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