The Strength of Seduction Book Is Finally Here!

Unlock The Passion and Turn Up The Heat In Your Relationship With The Modern Couple's Guide To Building Intimacy Through Fitness!

Introducing: The Strength of Seduction Book!

What’s up everybody, this is Daniel from Strength of Seduction.

I’m so excited to announce the official release of the Strength of Seduction book!

This is a project that’s been 10+ years in the making. My co-founder Micah and I wrote this book to promote love, health and happiness in the African-American community.

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to connect with your partner, improve your communication and get sexy together, this book is for you!

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Why We Wrote This Book

You probably know us for our Strength of Seduction workout videos or DVDs.

The Strength of Seduction book is an extension of that world.

Basically, it’s designed to guide you and your partner through a 90-day journey to improve your emotional, physical and spiritual connection.

By the end, you’ll feel more in love than ever before. And you’ll lose some body fat, too.

Each chapter will take you through different exercises you can do together:

1. Communication exercises designed to build trust, facilitate important conversations and learn new things about each other…

2. A selection of our one-of-a kind Strength of Seduction couples workouts.

These exercise routines are designed to build physical intimacy by increasing the amount of time you spend touching — and of course, burn calories in the process…

3. Meditations, affirmations and prayers to help your and your loved one strengthen your spiritual bond!

Personally, my wife Sara and I do these exercises all the time and we get so much value from them!

We know you’re going to love this book! We just released the Strength of Seduction book here on the SOS Store and on Amazon.

So, grab your copy and leave a review today!

Thank you so much for being part of this journey!

Get Your Copy Now:

Regular Price: $34.99


About The Book (And The Authors)

Connection. Confidence. Intimacy. Seduction.

What qualities do you look for in a relationship?

How do you strengthen these qualities and cultivate universal values so your bond stands the test of time?

In Strength of Seduction, Micah Morgan and Daniel DiPiazza show you how their number-one couples’ workout program utilizes principles of physical fitness and overall wellness to help you develop intimacy, express emotion, and abandon insecurity.

Focusing on nine values, like trust and patience, Micah and Daniel explore the importance of each value and how it manifests emotionally, physically, and spiritually in your relationship.

Improve emotional resonance with your partner in exercises designed to increase dialogue.

Learn to push your physical limits with signature Strength of Seduction workouts.

Finally, use each chapter’s prayer, meditation, or affirmation to spiritually bring yourself and your partner closer together.

This is more than a book; it’s an interactive experience and a journey of enlightenment.

Embark on this journey and find yourself fitter, healthier, and more connected to the one you love.

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Regular Price: $34.99


What the #SOS Community is Saying:

My boyfriend and I tried Strength of Seduction in order to spend time together and reconnect after having our son and it has definitely aided in relighting our fire. It’s fun and sexy, but also an intense workout that will really get you in shape. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to give it a try. So worth it.

Kenisha C.

Listen! If you're hesitating, DON'T. This was an amazing workout and I highly recommend it. We love working out separately but this, this is a fun way to connect AND work out. We both enjoyed the time together and look forward to our future workouts. Remember, give this a try for some fun intimate time.

Nia W.

My husband and I tried Strength of Seduction and were surprised by how much we enjoyed it! It provides a challenging workout that is super SPICY! I found myself smiling and blushing through parts of it because the moves got more sensual than I expected lol. If you’re looking for a good workout while also bonding with your spouse, then consider giving this workout a try!

Celeste C.

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Regular Price: $34.99